Company Diagnostic Check

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ConstructionIf you are unsure or answer ‘No’ to any of the below questions, then your company could be prosecuted for failing to comply with statutory obligations. The sanctions include unlimited fines at Crown Courts and/or up to 2 years imprisonment, and any injured individual associated with the company could have automatic justification for large compensation.

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  • Is there a written, valid and signed Health and Safety Policy dated within the last two years?
  • Has the policy been issued, effectively implemented and explained to all employees?
  • Is there a ‘competent’ person (or external consultant) appointed to advise on matters of Health and Safety?
  • Is this person also professionally qualified and well informed of the latest changes in Health and Safety legislation and practices?
  • Are there written ‘Risk Assessments’ of all significant operations, and are they made known to all concerned employees and adhered to?
  • If any item handled weighs approximately 25kg or over, are manual handling operations assessments undertaken, recorded & used?
  • Do you have a safety committee or other formal employees’ representation forum on Health & Safety matters?
  • Is all fixed electrical wiring and PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) carried out at the correct frequency, with records made available?
  • Have you undertaken assessments of computers, workstations and office safety as part of the DSE Regulations 1992?
  • Is a formal inspection of work equipment (e.g. lift trucks) undertaken at the correct interval and statutory records made available where required?
  • Have you carried out COSHH assessments properly and eliminated or substituted hazardous chemicals with safer versions?
  • Are your managers and supervisors aware of the Health and Safety duties required of them by HASWA Act 1974 and other legislation?
  • Have you provided ‘task-specific’ and general awareness Health and Safety training for staff and operatives?
  • In addition to any fire-certificates/exemptions, have you carried out a ‘Fire Assessment’ of your premises?
  • Are all accidents (including non-injury) properly reported, investigated and notified to HSE/EHO as appropriate?
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