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Retained Safety Consultants/Advisers/Helpline for SME’s

Under the ‘Management of H & S at Work Regulations’, it is a requirement for companies to have access to competent advice relating to health and safety. It is not cost-effective for many organisations to appoint someone internally whilst ensuring the required level of constantly changing safety legislation, depth of understanding and ability to interpret law into practical compliance.

Training Courses

Health & Safety training at work places is fundamental and usually mandatory under various specific statutory framework to demonstrate competence and discharge of legal responsibilities. We can provide many courses to various accreditated standards, and any bespoke company in-house subjects including:

2.1 Range of IOSH accredited courses i.e. Risk Assessmentnt
2.2 1 day H&S Awareness for Managers / Supervisors
2.3 Manual Handling Operations
2.4 Abrasive Wheels
2.4 CDM Regulations / Construction Safety
2.5 Banksman / Slinging
2.6 ASUC (Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors) approved courses
2.7 Office Safety / Display Screen Equipment
2.8 Safe use of Electricity at work
2.9 Scaffolding ­ Inspection & Best Practices
2.10 Safe Use of Plant / Equipment
2.11 General Construction Safety
2.12 H&S Law & Corporate Directors
2.13 Accident Investigation & Litigation
2.14 Fire Safety / ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection)
2.15 Basic Food Hygiene Certificatete
2.16 DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) & Access
2.17 Environmental, Waste & Pollution Awareness
2.18 Fire Extinguisher Training
2.19 First Aid Courses
2.20 Asbestos Training

Health & Safety Audits/Inspections

HSE guidance and other established business models, dictate that audits/inspections are necessary to verify that the Health & Safety management systems are adequate and actually performing as intended. As an external unbiased firm, Bestsafe Ltd has been entrusted repeatedly to provide definitive feedback by even the larger clients. Within 24 hours, an agreed itemised list of shortfalls, necessary remedial actions and risk-rated report is made available to the management.

Policies, Guidance and Health & Safety Management Systems

Health & Safety Policy and supporting safe-working procedures are invariably always required in all organisations to demonstrate compliance with HASWA etc 1974 and many other legislation. Good safety management is good for business and can improve profits through reduction of losses, insurance premiums, litigation costs, potential criminal prosecutions and negative publicity.

Representation & Assistance with HSE/EHO enquiries

Through sound reputation, some of our dedicated advisors often have professional links with the HSE / EHO Inspectors. We pride ourselves with the knowledge that our clients will not fear a visit from the statutory enforcing authorities, however, will be represented with the highest due-diligence.

Advice on Accident Investigation, Reporting & Defending claims

A timely investigation and report writing can not only be crucial in any HSE enquiries, but also pivotal in deciding the corrective steps for prevention. A competent investigation is equally important to mitigate/defend in law courts.

Expert Witness

Some of our advisors regularly attend law courts and prepare reports for Solicitors as expert witnesses. Our clients draw comfort from the fact that they are guided by individuals with considerable knowledge and expertise in the field.

CDM Regulations construction projects

Under CDM (Construction, Design & Management ) Regulations, there are various legal duties placed on people involved. On of these is to appoint P-D (Principal Designer) in writing’. This appointment is a legal requirement upon all clients, developers and construction-related companies undertaking demolition or new-build/refurbishment projects involving typically 500 man hours or more.

The role includes liaison with Architects/Designers, advice on resources and competence checks to clients, notification to HSE and ensuring suitable preparation of H&S Plans/files.

Special/bespoke services

We recognise that due to the diversity of businesses, some clients have special requirements that emerge. Given the pool of background and depth of our advisors knowledge, are clients are spared no effort in pursuit of their satisfaction. An example of past initiatives include:

  • Bespoke safety videos prepared for companies internal training/inductions.
  • Safety training courses given to ‘non-English’ speaking delegates.
  • Safety guard /barrier developed to contain hazard on a machine.
  • Inter-company safety benchmarking exercises performed.
  • Helped companies to recruit their own SHE professionals with confidence.
  • Regularly provide short-medium term contracting service to qualified safety professionals through placement with valued clients.
  • Represent specialist associations and provide dedicated total package on health, safety, training & environmental issues.
  • Act as property/facilities managers offering ‘one stop shop’ package.
  • Assist companies to comply with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) to assess risks & install hardware such as wheel-chair ramps.

Our Rates and Fees

Bestsafe Ltd will provide a written quote that represents value for money. The costs will vary depending on the complexity of assignments, locations and preparatory work required.

To receive a quote within 24 hours (working days only), please contact us.

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